We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


Practice Administrator

I see to all day-to-day operations of our practice to ensure all procedures run effectively and efficiently. I also work with patients to help them understand treatment and finances before they leave the office. Each person on our team is dedicated to creating a good patient experience where we exceed patient expectations. It’s the VIP service our office is known for!

I love to laugh, so when you hear laughter in our office, it’s probably me!


Registered Dental Hygienist

I earned my AAS in dental hygiene and joined Dr. Kozin’s team in 2015. I enjoy working in a comfortable, friendly environment where I interact with many different people on a daily basis. My goal is to provide preventive care and education to patients that help them achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life!

I am a huge animal lover and I have a passion for traveling!


Registered Dental Hygienist

I began my career in dentistry in 1993, earning both my AAS in Dental Hygiene and BS in Chemistry from New York City College of Technology. As your dental hygienist, I will conduct your initial screening, provide appropriate dental hygiene treatments, and advise on oral health and preventive care. I love seeing my patients’ beautiful, confident smiles and knowing that I’m a part of it.

I’m married and have three wonderful children with whom I love sharing my time. I enjoy travel, opera, theater, and arts, walks on a beach, yoga, skating, and skiing in the winter.


Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, Oma's passion for making patients feel more comfortable and confident is at the heart of her professional duties. With a career spanning over two decades, she has consistently strived to provide exceptional care and create a positive experience for each patient who walks through the practice doors.

Oma’s favorite part of the job is making patients smile. Her one-to-one interactions with patients allow her to create connections and build rapport, transforming routine dental visits into opportunities for uplifting encounters.

Beyond the dental world, Oma's love for learning spills into her personal life. An avid traveler, she embraces new cultures and experiences with open arms, expanding her horizons at every opportunity. When she's not exploring new destinations, you might find Oma engrossed in a captivating book or embarking on a hiking adventure and connecting with nature.


Dental Assistant

I realized my passion for dentistry during my teenage years as I received care from my own dentist. In 1997, I earned my certification in dental assisting and office management from the NYU College of Dentistry. Now, as a part of Dr. Kozin’s team, I work alongside him learning every day, doing four-handed dentistry, as well as sterilizing, cleaning, and setting up instruments for dental care. I love being able to help each patient and lead them to a healthier life. It’s endlessly rewarding to educate them about the importance of a good oral health regiment.

I’m a mother of two beautiful children and love all animals, especially my dog and cat. I love being outdoors with my children and enjoy sports, including baseball, soccer, tennis, and swimming. At home, I love to read and knit. It’s also important to me to be involved in the community.

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